Azienda Agricola

The new Azienda Agricola la pieve di Enrica Gaiero was born in 2016.

Enrica and Alessandro are the owner and they menage the Agriturismo La Pieve with effort, dedication and passion.

After the last harvest in 2017 they decided to renovate the entire vineyard. Now we have not only Dolcetto (Dogliani docg) but also Nebbiolo, Nascetta and Viogner.

The land is cultivated with 1000 plants of hazelnuts and fruit trees like apricots, prunes and  peaches. In 2020 our guests could taste and buy our Nocciola IGP.

In the garden they follow and respect the seasonality of crops and we cultivate tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, peppers and spinach.