About Us

The holiday-farmhouse “La Pieve” is part of the historical and architectural complex named “PIEVE DI SANTA MARIA DELLA VALLE DEL REA”, situated in the basin of the Rea stream, a tributary of the river Tanaro, in the Langhe hills, not far from the road which connects Dogliani to Monchiero, Piedmont.

The complex, which includes an ancient chapel, the earliest church in Dogliani whose origins date back to the VII century A.D. underwent regular expansion and rebuilding until the XVIII century.

From an architectural point of view, the complex belongs to the monuments of historical and artistic interest of Dogliani. Its clean lines, neatness and simplicity have stayed unaltered over the course of time.

The holiday-farmhouse created inside the rural area of the complex has been carefully renovated to the highest eco-friendly standards.

The farmhouse has four double rooms, one triple, one quadruple and one single, the latter suitable for the disabled. All bedrooms are en suite.

The rooms are warm and comfortable and recall the charm of bygone ages. The dining hall and the drawing room, once respectively cattle-shed and barn, recall those ancient inns which used to give shelter to wayfarers and pilgrims.

A new and modern two-room apartment is now available with bedroom, bathroom and well equipped kitchen.

The farm produces wine Dogliani d.o.c.g., honey, vegetables, fruit and jams.

The strictly homemade cooking follows the style and traditions of Piedmont and the Langhe region, welcoming 60 guests, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Advance booking, required.

siamo partner di BikeSquare, noleggia la tua ebike

Our guests can also rent e-bike for an exclusive tour in Langhe and Roero. Reservation is required.

Sanitizing Rooms

Dear guests, for your protection and safety we neutralize bacteria and virus with a product called BioAkt, an anti microbic metabolic substratum, is a disinfectant for surfaces. It is completely non-toxic and bio-compatible, but it does have such a strong disinfectant power to attack and destroy any bacterial and viral form faster than ever before. Just for the sake of clarification, it is 3 times more effective than chlorine, 1.5 more effective than ozone. In this case, in order to sterilise surfaces in a way that is bio compatible and completely harmless for any living being, after analysing the bacteria and the viruses, we thought of adopting the trojan horse strategy. Indeed, we managed to weakly bind a silver ion in citric acid, although both of them have positive electric charge, finding a stable balance. It is the very creation of this balance, unthinkable so far, the real trade secret. Viruses and bacteria are notoriously attracted to citric acid, which is essential for most of their vital functions. Thus, immediately ingurgitating and absorbing the molecule, after having mixed up the citric acid, they activate the silver ion, which immediately disintegrates the DNA helicoidal chains, by means of breaking up the nitrogen chain that keeps them bound, therefore destroying the RNA as well. As mentioned above, though extremely anti-bacterial and virucidal, our product is absolutely harmless for any living being. Last but not least, since the disinfecting purpose of the product is of a mechanical type, it remains active on surfaces for about 18 hours. (source: